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Jack Straton


Fine Art Photography -- Landscape and Abstract


Abstractions from human artifacts Abstractions from human artifacts

Lark Ascending in moonlight, Montgomery Laundry window The Pier Montpilier near Hungry Mtn Coop Blue paint and rust on boxcar
Rust bubbles on 55 Gallon drum Eugene 4nA8_3 c 1976 Spacetime Montpilier near Hungry Mtn Coop Paint on boxcar Lawrence Hall courtyard in the snow U of O B4A20 12-2-80
Abstractions from the Natural World Abstractions from the Natural World
Shooting gold Fan of gold, Heart Lake,Little lakes Valley Monuet darker Japanese Garden 8AE3 10-31-17
Symmetry breaking Spooky Gulch 33AA15 9-13-16 DeMille in Joshua Tree
Pocket Pardises Pocket Pardises
Maple Spray Doubled door to dwarrowdelf Ripples of rock, West Fork Oak Cr, Sedona
Landscapes Northwest Landscapes Northwest
Bryce Canyon  
Sahalie Falls Talons, Painted Hills
Landscapes Southwest Landscapes Southwest
Bryce Canyon Clouds + lanscape, White Pocket DeMille in Joshua Tree
Rock not-doing, Devil's Garden Clouds + lanscape, White Pocket
Cityscapes Cityscapes
Foglit night, E Portland from Mt Tabor Mastodons darker Seattle Waterfront Gate V Portland Japanese Garden B4B54 7-23-03